Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dya Fuor fo The 30 Piatning Chlagllenge...

Okay, HERE WE GO...ONTO DAY. DAY...uh, what day is it??  Saturday.  Oh right, and today is Numero Quatro, 4, right.  I am upright and bleary eyed, and last night just before I caught the dream cloud to Slumber Land, I decided that since Saturday is a busy day, I would slack off and do something silly, yes..I had it all planned, a little stick man or a pussy cat, just something to say I can't paint today seriously, I am taking the artistic license to have a bye until Sunday.  But I woke up and forgot that plan. Not really, I woke up and drove G to work and by the time the caffeine kicked in, I was thinking maybe I can do number four with serious enough intentions.  Sure I can, just do it, Mary Ann, just do it.  And instead of thinking swishy swash wash with pigments and turps, I went to the other extreme, use a palette knife and giant globs of white and pigments, talk about switch gears, no wonder we artists are assumed to be eccentric and nuts.

I never paint with a knife.  I know of artists who are wonderful landscape painters in both brush and knife, they switch back and forth, it loosens them up, keeps them from getting too literal with the subject matter, I can see that now, no way to fuss over dappled light on tiny plants, or gentle shadows on a path, nope.  It is what it is, and with a knife, you just do the best you can.  Sure, at many points I was close to the stick man and pussy cat, but then, recalled the purpose of this lesson and remembered I am to do what I can.  I can give up, or I can do the best I can in the short time zone.  So I did that.  The first three offerings consumed my day, this one not, it is done and not even 2pm, I am ahead of the game.

I was thinking about a friend who always painted with a knife.  We used to get together every Tuesday at her house, more a social time as we puddled away and purged our life's angst, and joys.  There were 5 of us, all with a brush in hand except Mary, she always used a knife, ALWAYS.  She did lovely works but she didn't think so, she was continually frustrated (oh, sound familiar? yes ) and never happy when she signed them.  As I was scraping and pushing the oils around today, I thought of Mary, I thought about her groans and gasps in the far corner of the room.  Out of the quiet in between our babbling, we'd often hear a " tsk...acccch!!"  and then the sound of her knife scraping the canvas.  Back then I didn't really grasp what that was about, but today I sure do, I so know what you meant, Mary.

This challenge is bringing me many thoughts, mostly about the social aspect of art.  While painting, we paint into oblivion with the sound of wonderful music (well, I do) and mentally replay conversations and experiences that brought us to today, should I say I, maybe I am assuming too much in saying "we",'s multitasking at peak performance for the brain just painting. Adding in the photographing and posting is a whole other task that takes some calming of the ego.  I admit it, I keep thinking I need to apologize every time I post a painting. I wonder why I do that?  Is that to say  "Please don't criticize it, I know it's bad" because my ego is fragile?  Or is it really because I don't think I am any good?  Maybe a little of both of those reasons?  Then my friends jump to save me from my harsh self criticizing.  Then I feel guilty for deceiving them into believing I totally think I suck and need prompting up.  I been painting for as long as I can remember,, just kidding. I am 60 years old now, the painting mission is a long one.  I understand how far I have come. I appreciate the honour of making sales. I appreciate the gaining of respect of fellow artists.  I appreciate the compliments and interest of my friends in what I do.  It's a complicated path this art thing, so many feelings involved.

This challenge is also about self discipline, a good time to look at oneself.  How much do I want to impress others?  Or is this really about just taking a look at ME?  I think the latter.  Yes, stop thinking I need to apologize for what I post, it's an exercise, let it be just that, do the calisthenics of creativity and reward myself for following through.  Like that 10th push-up I swore I could not get to, and did, give myself a pat on the back and onto the next.  Don't fuss and over think, just keep going.  Like the areas my palette knife had no possible way of resolving, as in life, keep going, stay positive, the rewards are always waiting.

 Gee, only Day Four and I'm feeling like I've gone through weeks of counseling.  Heaven only knows how Day 16 might be, if I make it.  WHAT???  Of course I'll make it, I have no choice but to make it, but I can't promise there will be no stick man or pussy cat, that's for sure.

Onward and they say...whoever they are...wish they'd stop telling me that, it's giving me a headache... :)

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  1. I think (I know!) lots of us are going through EXACTLY the same process every day.... Interesting exercise isn't it?