Wednesday, January 29, 2014

For Who The Squeak Tolls

I know it's not necessary to explain that Number 21 is a floral, pretty obvious.  I know what the photo looks like that I used for a reference, so I know that the blossoms are those gorgeous rich pink ones that dangle from the leaves, thick blossoms and buds, larger than any other blossom on an ornamental fruit tree, but not the size of roses.  This painting might confuse the viewer.  It may say those buds on the upper right hand corner are berries, it might say the open bloom is another flower all together with the three in the foreground being roses.  I wondered that as I painted it. I did. I don't just paint and post, I think now and then too.  Sometimes, I think too late, figure out that what I suspected would happen, shoulda painted a different photo.  The photo is beautiful, mind you, and I can see why I got blinded by the beautiful photo, this one that I took one spring evening a few years ago.  Maybe I should post the photo reference...


aaaaaa HA!!! there it is, plain as day, the difference between reality and memory.  It's funny, it really wasn't the gorgeous flowers in the sunlight that totally grabbed me to paint it, no.  It was the blue negative spaces, something about the blue, the shapes they formed in between the branches, that was what pushed me to do a quick study of this photo.  Again, I see how watercolours is a much more conducive medium when painting flowers.  Too bad I suck like prunes at them, oh well.

So, now I wait for the FB ratings to come in, I am keeping score, and so far, the florals seem to gather the most likes.  Yes, and the crude rendition of tired old artist face gained the least.  Not saying this is good measuring for considering a success or not.  But it interests me to some degree, why flowers are so earnestly appreciated.  Maybe my friends are just happy I'm not trying another face.  Maybe I should just paint flowers, can't say I don't enjoy painting them, I do.  But then again, I have been told to not paint flowers, leave the good floral paintings to the ones who do them really well, paint what I do well, what sells.  Right.  So I think of what sells, and paint that again, and again, and again.  And feel blessed each time for having something that sells, absolutely.  

Kidding aside, which is what I am mostly doing in this light blabbel, we artists are challenged continually as to what to paint, and for who?  Once we figure out how to paint properly, deciding a subject is crucial, not really, I just wanted to use that word to see if I could spell it, and I did, wow.  Anyways, back to my thought process, choosing what to paint, now that is the question.  Do we paint what we choose, or do we choose what squeaks out of that inner soul inside, that little voice that tells us.. "Hey, why don't you try this??"  I wonder that.  It's really wonderful when we follow our inner squeaks and end up being loved by viewers, the best of all.  Too often, we have to compromise ourselves to accommodate what will be popular.  I think that happens with all artists, not just visual.  I have heard, or read, of some fine jazz musicians who claim they hate jazz.  When they are at home, they crank up the crunk, or whatever it is that makes their heart squeak, true fact.  So, in art, do we do that as well?  Do we learn the techniques so that we are able to create what sells, thinking that is success, not ever truly finding out what our inner squeak says?  Now there is a loaded question, I think I better go to bed, I'm giving myself a headache.  Besides, if I start hearing squeaks now, I'll be calling the D-Con Piper..uh yeah.

Okay, onto the next one, whatever number, whatever subject I choose,  It's all good, I am having a marvelous time, squeak or no squeak, painting makes me really happy!!

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