Saturday, January 18, 2014

Number 14

We are now approaching the half way mark of our journey.  Well, close to it, anyways.  I missed yesterday for the 30/30 club.  My decorations are put away, I see the Rubbermaid containers stacked upstairs, so I did do something yesterday.  I seem to want to do nothing but sleep, this virus sure takes the wind out of your sails.  Anyways, enough digressing small talk...

I cannot tell a lie, this was not a bare canvas at any point today.  Since I enjoyed so much the working over rough surface in an abstract manner, I went looking for another dry canvas that was rough with colours and texture.. uh...a.k.a. failed piece of art, yeah, that's it.  I came upon this one above and it caught me.  I revived it with some Retouch Varnish, then some pure transparent glazing, then some dabs of fresh colour here and there, and VOILA!!  a painting for the day that gets called "Number 14".  Am I cheating?  Perhaps, but only myself, no one is umpiring this game, only our own consciences to deal with, and I can live with being a cheater today :)

Seriously, this whole month long process of paint and post is for my own personal purpose of self teaching.  None of these are for sale. I am not doing this to promote and sell.  I appreciate the kind feedback on them, it's another part of my self teaching process, learning how to accept praise for what it is, praise.  Learning how to get along with others without any need to compete.  Learning how to take a photograph of a really wet painting.  Learning how to think in terms of what I feel as opposed to what I think others will praise and like.  Learning how to chase a dream out of curiosity without fear of judgement.  Learning how to accept public opinion without responding out of ego insecurity.  Learning how to use my camera and new computer.  All of this challenge has been so beneficial for so many things.

Now, as for what I see in my non-representational piece above, well....uh, good question, not sure.  I remember doing most of it some years back when I was feeling lost out of lack of control in my life. I recall stepping back and seeing a vision of clarity out of confusion, a kinda light at the end of the tunnel thing.  Today, it looks calm and beautiful for it's purity. (not bragging, just trying to interpret)  I see joy in the places  where once was confusion.  The brushstrokes that responded out of frustration tell me they had a purpose then, and a purpose now.  To find the way, to live with each other in compete harmony, well...harmony in chaos.  Yeah, good title.. "Harmony In Chaos"  Harmony means to support and compliment, right?  I guess without the confusion of emotions, we'd never understand the beauty of calm.  Hmmm, sure, that works.

As for my art being for sale anywhere, Morris Gallery still has my work, and Lance is still open, same hours.  Any inquiries I recommend you going to him.

Onto Number 15...the half way point...right...

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