Monday, January 6, 2014

Number 5 and Stayin Alive...

Day 5, it's onto the wee hours of Day 6, actually, but still my Day 5.  I won't lie, I spent pretty well all day on this 11 x 14 painting.  I used a photograph I took in 1990, I know this because of the red Aerostar van in it.  When we bought it we went to California, the big family vacation in our new red van, remember it well. On our way home I began to whine about not getting any good photos for painting, so a trip to the redwoods was put on the map for Mom.  Quite spectacular those old growth forests, they really are red.  At that time I took multiple photos and taped them together, oh the days before digital cameras.  The only reason I ended up using this taped together composition was it kinda fell into my hands when I pulled some paper towels off the shelf, itsa sign, I must paint the redwoods and Big Red, aaaa HA!

So there it is, a very wet painting that I could stay working on until I wreck it.  Another good part of this challenge is that " MUST STOP" thing!  I admit, I crossed over into Precious Land with this one, got really careful and precise, no splashing or wiping or knife scraping, slow and careful, but fun.  They really all do take on their own personalities, and maybe my mood influences it, not sure.

I am lining up these daily works in my studio, the procession of daily paintings that come out of each day. They so far all look different, and that is for many reasons, mostly the time and approach I used within that time.  It shows in the work I think, a reflection of the artist's mood and soul, the way it's supposed to be.

Onto Number 6......

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