Friday, February 7, 2014

The End of The Road Looks Crooked

Here are Number 28 and Number 29.  I'm sitting here staring at that crooked line of the doorway.  One might think I was a bit drunk to end up with seeing the door on a slant like that.  Even in a perspective issue of the wall with door on an angle, there is no way the line of the edge of the door should be on an angle, I know that. I knew that consciously while I was painting that it would be impossible to see the plum line on an angle, I know the photo was crooked, there it was off, I knew that.  Yet, yet I ended up painting it crooked.  No doubt Mary Ann needs to do some drawing from life, buildings and interiors, perhaps, Maybe work on a still life with perspectives in it and angles?  Right.

Ah, well, does it matter in the grand scheme of things?  Well, yes, if I was going for my architects degree, it would matter.  But in fine art, sometimes making things off adds character, sure it does.  It's adding some character to me right now, I am turning into a lunatic looking at that crooked doorway.  I like the rest of it, though, a different subject for me to try out, I enjoyed doing it, but I definitely want to do another one without it looking crooked.

The top one is a familiar scene, or a "oh, another road, eh, Mary Ann", yeah, that's it.  I think these two pieces reflect my past couple of days.  Like the interior that has some good parts, and some so off it is driving me nuts, so was yesterday.  Ever have days where everything just feels like way too much work?  Like you just want to raise the white flag and surrender?  No big reason for despair, just a day where the work felt way too hard to get to a place where complete pride and sense of accomplishment waits, I was dragging, really tired, wondering why at 60 I ever thought I should try to sing Brahms.  Wonder why I paint when I could probably enjoy going to Oak Bay Rec to swim instead.  Why or why am I taxing myself like this?

Because, Mary Ann, you want to.  Oh right.

Number 30...what will it be?....I wonder....

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