Sunday, April 6, 2014

Time For Change

I am going to shut down the "artpage" in Facebook.  It has come to my psychological awareness that I only really need ONE page in Facebook, especially since I have this blogspot place to blabbel now, what is the point of another page of ME??  Right.

How did I come to this conclusion?  Well, many variables to that question.  The first answer to that is, it offends my sense of who I am when a site keeps telling me to boost my numbers.  I know, I know, it's human nature to want to measure our worth at all times.  If not by comparing ourselves to others, we can count the numbers to decide how good we are in the land of social media.  One of the reasons why I do like the original FB page is there is no number to boost, or tell us who looks at what we post.  Even knowing that photos have a number for likes and comments, it doesn't seem to be any grand pressure.  When I went through that art immersion of paint and post during the 30/30 Challenge, it was a break through for me to find calm with posting my artwork.  I know that the numbers gave me as sense of success, but I also know that the numbers aren't the final verdict on anything. I also know that many many people look and enjoy and read, but I don't know that until they tell me in person.  There aren't many like me who can't keep their keyboard quiet when doing the daily FB scroll, uh huh.

Aside from that angle on this self promoting via online thing, I again ask myself "why?" an extra artpage when I have a (sadly neglected) website (must update) and one very active personal FB page that tells the world Mary Ann Laing has nothing else to do but go on Facebook, good question.  My personal page is public, I can make an album of my art, I can post and share and just be me on there, link up any words here if I so feel I want to, why an artpage that FB keeps telling me to boost?  Besides the fact that they really only want my money, it's an extra guilt thing like the sadly neglected website, another "oh right, must do that" job to clutter my mental to-do list that I don't need.

So, I ask myself as a fellow human among so many who gather at the lines of innernet, why do we do this?  Is it a need to expose?  Is it a need to compete, see how we measure up with each other?  Is it a need to promote?  If those are the questions, my answer for me is no.  I am not pointing any judgement finger at others who choose to use the number game for their exposure, it it works for them, power and congrats to them.  But I am not trying to sell online, Lance Morris continues to be my agent, outside of event shows, my work is exclusive through him.  As for my need to compete while sharing online with fellow artist friends, well, seems to me my biggest issue through my psychological transition over the past years has been the heartlessness that competing creates. I know we need to compete to gain, to excel to a higher level, compete with those who we admire, ourselves and our fellow artists.  But why do friends need to compete?  I like to think we want to use social media to enjoy each others spirit, not look at artwork and decide it's challenging us to work harder.  Having said that, I also admit all too well that I often instinctively react to posts where my sense of worth feels challenged by others' post's success and admiration of others, I am not perfect, I fall now and then, too.  So I do know that much of how we act is instinct.  Human nature to want to claim and achieve as well as others, or be better than.  I imagine in generations gone by, cave women tried hard to outdo each other with how they carved images on their walls.  The chatter in the cave hood was rampant when Treezie Rock put a full wall mural up with actual colour from blood and leaves.  She lost many friends, but she was happy by herself looking at her mural, I can see it now, it all began then....

To all who did add themselves to the Facebook art page with one click of a like, thank you.  I have never taken that lightly, I do appreciate the kind offering of support, I really do.  If you are not already on my personal FB page friend list, please add me if you want to.  I just had a quick flashback about this FB artpage, in the beginning it was called a "fanpage" and those who wish to be added, added themselves as fans.  Now I wonder why they changed that, who doesn't need fans?? or unfans.  There's where they screwed up, if that was a number of my fans, I'd have paid that price to boost that up.  I'd be wearing dark glasses and trench coat when leaving the house, for surely anyone who has 6 million fans will have paparazzi camped out in front of their home.  I could be reading my pregnancy and affairs on the tabloids at Fairways while Mom unloads the shopping cart.  Yeah, that's why I have no need for this page, they took away my fans, that's it.

Seriously, as I can be sometimes, thank you again, I'll try and get rid of the Facebook artpage by next week.

Joys Be With You!

Mary Ann

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