Tuesday, January 27, 2015

30 Paintings... The Extended Version

30 Paintings In Many Days
Number 14, 15, 16

Yes, I am still officially in this 30 day challenge thingy.  I may be long forgotten in the real race that nears an end for many who have stuck with doing a painting each day, but it's okay, I can live with that.  The real purpose of this self proclaimed MUST paint each day for January was a personal one for me.  I want to be better.  I know I won't get better just thinking about wanting to be better, I have to do it, do the work.  AND, since I am in a creative rut of doing the same thing every time I paint, I decided to force myself to bust out of that rut, work outside of the rut, work from life, and so far I still am.  I may feel half dead, but I am working from life.

When I work from looking at the objects in front of me, I can see how much gets lost in photographs.  I am wondering what it will feel like to go back to a photograph after all this life stuff.  It's challenging to be the camera lens.  Decisions where to place the objects, decisions on where to shine the light on them, so much unknown before the brush hits the canvas.  Lots of wondering, no pondering at lovely photos who all want me to paint them, no.  Instead, I am focusing on a big MAYBE, and hope it will look half decent.  Being that I am so uncertain in the new rut outside of my old rut, I am taking the easy route and keeping the set up simple.  I may expand on that a bit, try to make a more complicated set up, since I have whatever 30 minus 17 is, left to do ( oooooooh...only that many?? ) I should take time to set up a still life, not just throw an object in front of me, do a set up, right, maybe by Number 25 I'll do that.

I know this month that I am not self taught.  I may be trying to be self motivated, but I am not teaching myself anything.  I am in total recall when I paint, quotes from artists who have taught me, I still hear them.  Even though I know I am forgetful with daily things, I admire my brain for all that it has stored up there.  Sometimes an old mental file with reappear I hadn't thought of for ages.  While I paint, something happens to my brain and images and voices appear, pretty cool actually.  We are all warriors in this battleground.  Someone said one of my non-rep pieces looked like a battleground.  Good call, the simple act of taking to make art does feel like a battleground, a war of contrasts, fighting off old habits, searching for new ways to communicate.  Courage is always the most important factor when I take to the battleground, be fearless.  Don't be scared to try something different.  Don't be afraid to look bad.  It will all be okay, bad or good, it is worth the battle.

But I am hanging up my weapons now for the night, sleep is on the program now... nighty night!

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