Saturday, January 17, 2015

30/30 Challenge Ramblings of The Naked Artist

30 Paintings in 35 Days Challenge
Oh dear..... I can't believe I haven't posted here since Number 5, where does the time go?  Well, not in order, here are the ones done so far.  * more rambles at bottom of photos *

At some point during this self imposed torture test, I decided to work only from life for the rest of the 30 works.  Not sure why I made that claim, other than I had one of those brave and strong moments of thinking if I wanted to REALLY challenge myself, do something out of my norm, and that is to work from life.  Today, however, I'd say out of my norm and really a challenge would be to floss my teeth, or fold the laundry, the challenges change from day to day.  This isn't to say I am changing my challenge claim, no, not at all. I shall stick with the claim and work from life.  But, I won't do a painting today, no, catching up here will have to be the challenge of the day.

The lands of Facebook are bursting with artwork lately. I have come to realize how important we are to each other.  If not for friendly support and understanding, there is also exposure for me to see how others see the world they live in.  Exposure is a complicated state, and I don't mean just for artists.  We do live in an exposed world now, gathering to a place online where we can "expose" our feelings of the moments.  I tend to get lost in the wondering of it all.  I recall not being able to handle "exposure" well.  I think back and see me as a very vulnerable and terrified woman who felt exposure was an ordeal in every sense of that place of being exposed, add in the criticisms, and depression sometimes was a regular part of life.  Up and down, learning is a good thing, but sure not easy.

Thankfully, I am a better person just knowing 80 percent of the bullshit really doesn't matter now.  It didn't need to matter back then, and it sure doesn't matter now.  I believe in every aspect of life that "there is a plan", and all we really need to do is have faith that we do have the power to figure it all out.  Do I know this because of being an artist?  Perhaps.  But I hear it in music, and in our kids and family members, in our friends, or colleagues, there is a plan.  We are all on board here, challenged or not, and it really is a good thing.

God bless us all!!


  1. Great ramble! Love your flowers! I love that we have such a great community of supportive artists!

  2. Nice paintings Mary Ann! I do have a couple of favourites, like the single geranium blossom. I am glad you are (somewhat) "enjoying it". :)
    I wanted to do a challenge of all from life as well, maybe the next one. I do agree with you, there is a master plan out there, even when we don't quite get what it is at the time!

  3. Thanks, Marcela! Yes, I am sure you do understand, glad things are going well for Mateo. Thanks for the comment.