Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Number 5 Can't Forget The Magic of Play

30 Paintings In 30 Days
Number 5

Well, I have to confess, this is Number 5, but I can't link anymore in the 5 Category on Linda Saeta's page where we post our daily efforts, so I put it in the Day 6 Category, I lied I think.  It's not Number 6, it's 5.  Now, whenever I do another one, that will be another lie.  Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we do deceive...

Actually, I don't care. I wonder how many people are looking at those millions of postage stamp sized images on that site.  I wonder how much does get noticed on the internet.  There is just SO MUCH!  But that isn't the purpose of this challenge.  I know that, it's not about making art and getting noticed and selling them for millions of dollars, nope.  It's about time, it's about planning and choosing, it's about squeezing it all in and recovering from guilt for playing instead of doing laundry.  I still feel guilt when I go and paint when there is REAL work to be done.  Even knowing making art is a job that brings in money, seems like play to me, avoiding the real work.  Go get the crayons and dodge the dishes, Mary Ann. It all started way back around 1960, yup.

Tonight was all about play.  This tiny painting is of a place I played as a child.  Even though in reality this place now looks far from like this, my playtime there tonight was most joyful.  I wasn't hung up on the mystery of trying to paint a non-representational painting from my brain, or struggling with a bad still life set up with bad lighting, or a person, or something unfamiliar and scary to approach, coward I am.  No, I swung back in time, back to playing at Bamberton, running up Greenhill where we turned into deer and mighty dragons once there.  Imaginary screenplays I still remember.  It's a beautiful world when it all happens in your own imagination, supported with the props, of course.  The woods and rocks and mountains gave us a perfect setting to work with.  It's still a beautiful spot on Vancouver Island, just a tad overgrown from no people living there for years. 

Tomorrow I may grow up and do something more mature.  Or maybe I'll play some more in Bamberton, only have a thousand photos in my mind, we'll see what tomorrow brings.