Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What It Is.... Number 24.

Number 24, no I have not abandoned this ship of commitment to paint 30 paintings, I shall stick with this and paint 30 paintings "from life" no matter how challenging it feels. Actually, I am rebounding from the blank spaces in my thought pattern on what to paint, yes, I am now so EXCITED about what I will paint next.  

I doubt I would have come to this on my own if I didn't sign up online for the 30/30 Challenge.  I doubt I'd still be doing this if I wasn't on Facebook where I can inundate all my friends with these things every other day.  I am doing this for selfish reasons, and that isn't to sell, I am not trying to sell on Facebook, or anywhere else in Victoria besides Morris Gallery.  This is not why I am doing this public paint thing.  I am doing it because it is making me do this, having someplace to go and show my progress makes me do it.  And I am reaping the rewards of this process by feeling inspired and excited to paint.  Painting from life brings a whole other aspect to creating.  It is a personal space I go to where I use items that I own, it can't get much closer to the heart of the artist than that.  Even though the flowers in these still life works are artificial, they appeal to my eyes enough for me to want to paint them.

Then there are the vases that have a personal story, I am going to use a very old vase that was my grandmother's next, I am so excited.  I have beautiful linens to use, I am busy searching for things to put in my paintings, I am going to start scrounging the flea markets and antique stores for vases again, haven't done that for years.  THIS... has opened up a dark little room I left alone years ago because I didn't believe I was much good at painting from life, had to get on that landscape band wagon and paint trees.  Which are fine to paint, but this has really been fun, so I am allowing myself to enjoy it.

Once I hit Number 30, will go back to photos of landscapes again?... or wake up and get outside because I MUST paint from life??  I don't know, I think I'll just focus on Number 25 now... CAN'T WAIT!!

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