Saturday, March 21, 2015

End of Story... Number 30.

And.... I MADE IT....NUMBER 30!!  
Okay, okay...I know this is so far past the original 30 paintings in 30 days, I probably need to explain it all over again.  I'm not going to do that, I'm just posting my final one of my self-pledged allegiance to paint only from life for 30 paintings in limited time.  There it is, from the beginning of January to March 21, I painted 30 paintings from life, well... close to that, I think I decided the "from life" thing around Number 6, can't really remember.  I need to do a recap probably, take a look at what I painted, as well as read some of these blabbelling blogs.  Not going to do that either right now, just living in today, and this one is Number 30, time to move on.

So, what did I learn from this challenge?  Well, I learned that I still have tons of improving to do.  I decided to make myself work from life because of the extra challenges in that.  I knew I was in a rut, was becoming somewhat bored with how I was painting.  The best way to stop an endless sense of being stuck is to make some changes that will shake things up a bit.  It's all relative to time.  Setting up to work from life takes more time than grabbing another photo from the giant box of photographed ideas.  Setting up a workable composition is an art form of it's own.  Notice this final one is just ONE vase with a bunch of flowers in it?  Could this reflect my loss of energy for set-up adventure?  I think so.  As much as I love my creative world, it does take energy and time, along with all the other things that apparently have my name on them. 

I feel somewhat proud of being able to walk away from these quick "from life" efforts.  This isn't to say I am thrilled with what I painted, but finding a way to accept what I painted, then move on, well...that's something to have some pride in.  I know I will never be a "realist" painter, it's not in me at all.  But I admire those gorgeous works done by true realists.  Funny how what we admire often influences how we paint.  I think I tried to be a realist, then one day reality opened my eyes to tell me I'm not seeing life that way at all.  No, I am looking at something besides reality, it's not about the reproduction of reality, it's about the communication of moments of reality inside the chaos.  Hmmmm, wonder if that makes any sense.  Okay, maybe not "chaos" in an unattractive way.  More about a confusion of ideas within creating from one planned idea, or something like that.  I think that's what "impressionism" is, paint a sense of reality.

Whatever it is that makes me walk into the studio, I am thankful for it.  It seems to be my salvation on some days, and some days my burden, and on other days, my playground.  All the sales and judgments and failures and success do what they will do, but the act of painting is what's most important for me to focus on.  Looking at Number 30, I know I have improved.  But I also know I have much more to improve on, I just hope to not notice I am doing that work while I am playing.

Now.... what to paint??  I think I'll take a nap instead.


  1. Congratulations Mary Ann for sticking with it and finishing the 30 paintings following the parameters you set. Of course there is growth and I think we should be happy that we still have room to grow, otherwise what would we do with ourselves?? I hear you when you talk about being a realistic painter, I am not either and I like that! You do lovely work and should be proud of all you have accomplished! Well done!