Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Finding My Way Back

I haven't posted a weblog on this site since August.  There are many reasons for that, it's not entirely because I haven't painted since then, but now that I mention it, maybe I haven't, the past months seem a blur in my memory file system right now.  I am basking in the afterglow of post frantic-Christmas time, the lull after the storm.  But the main reason I haven't posted on my blog site is because I couldn't find it.  I did, however, find another account I created 4 years ago, the one I made, and promptly could not find again after one post.  SO... while trying to find this one that I created a few years ago under the title (stupid title) " Cerebral Challenges Upon My Keyboard" with all those long winded rambles that are supposed to be all about art, not sure if they are, and I don't intend on going back to read them.. anyways, where was I?  right.. found this account, I found this account with ALL those cerebrally challenged offerings, but under the account from 4 years ago, so I couldn't get into this one to write more blather, which is not the end of the world or anything, but like all things in life, I feel a sense of guilt over lack of commitment to my writer's profile.  Not really, I am being a smidge sarcastic, I doubt much of anything I put on a computer is necessary, but I do it anyways.

ANYWAYS.. so, really what this is, is a test, is a test to see if I can get this page with the stupid title back and running.  I plan on making a commitment here again, mostly because my spellcheck works here, unlike the other places where I bore people, this one corrects me, I like that.  And, even though I don't intend to paint 30 paintings in 30 days, I do intend to post a painting a week for the rest of my life, or maybe 27 weeks, or until I have forgotten my password and identity again, or something like that.  Hey, we are artists, we, as in WE, are supposed to follow our instincts and inspirations, right?

Onward to 2016 we go.  I have a mountain of ideas to paint, mostly from 2015.  I expect to find myself through the dark days of January and February without noticing them, only to wake up smelling the heavenly fragrance of blossoms in the air when I open the curtains on Week Somethingorother.  I wonder if I make sense to anyone besides myself.

So, again, this was only a test, do not run for cover, do not panic, this is only a test.


  1. Glad you found it! I think you can change the name of it if you wanted??? Happy New Year and happy creating in 2016!

    1. Hey, it's back, thanks Marcela!! I am going to change the title, make it a more art-themed title, less silly... like like.. Artistic Challenges Upon My Keyboard..lol just kidding. Happy New Year to you and your family as well, Marcela. Looking forward to your painting posts.