Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Leaving The Ground

Gentlemen.. start your engines...  Yes, it's true, I have started.  I am going to paint 20 paintings before April.  No reworks of old ones, no fiddling around, no playing the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge game, not this January.  I woke up today into a brighter than usual January morning, recalling how I am usually painting with a new(hopefully) attitude after the bustling exhaustion of December.  I usually hit up my paints before I de-decorate, have no problem walking out of the mess and painting.  Those challenges, oh my goodness, I bet I drove the channels of FB nuts with my daily posts.  Seems so long ago somehow.  Where does the time go?  don't think about it, go paint.. right.

Yes, I have started.  No, I didn't take time to paint a coloured ground on those giant WHITE canvasses that stared me down in my studio.  I just hit one with paint.  A few reasons for that.  I felt like painting for real, as in stir up that creative engine that was needing some ignition. And, because I am feeling the squeeze of a timeline, no time to paint the canvasses like a wall in my bathroom, which also needs painting, May.. I'll do that in May, sure I will.

I conclude, once again, in an ongoing thinking day of conclusions, I like painting on a white canvas.  I feel like I am more at one with whatever appears out of the blizzard of white.  I also like a coloured ground, but I can't remember why.  That one-thought-at-a-time thing, live in the moment and you forget what all those other moments said.  Pretty obvious why I don't teach, isn't it?  It's okay to laugh, I laugh at myself all the time, and it's okay, I'm not offended by myself.

Where will these 20 paintings take me?  I wonder that myself.  This is why I am posting here now at the beginning.  I hope to take this trip into the unknown along with everyone else, the viewer, the cats, the family... I have no idea.  I know in concrete logical thinking, I'll be counting days and minutes while I look at the product.  But what's inside the product, as in soul of it, I am not sure.  This one I started yesterday has already taken over my soul, and I am just following it now.  Now it leads me, and like Peggy March, I will follow him.

I hope to check in here to update my progress.  I hope to follow my impulses to write.  Wonder what I might write in a few weeks or months.. wonder if it will say.. blbbgul llieghhryy shhheirrrlllll  or something that makes a bit of sense.  I wonder.  I am thankful I can do this while the darkness of January passes.  Pretty lucky I think.

Okay (deep breath)... I'm going in....

Mary Ann

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